Organic Beans (runner) Scarlet Emperor


Traditional variety with a slightly rough texture and an excellent flavour.

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Runner Bean: Scarlet Emperor
Phaseolus coccineus
Approx. 800-1000 per kilogram
Runner beans are easy to grow and have an unbeatable unique flavour.
The plants require support as they grow. We suggest a wigwam of canes tied at the top for the beans to climb up.
Flowers appear in the summer and require pollination by bees and other insects. We give the bees extra encouragement by growing sweet peas in with our runners.

Scarlet Emperor is a heritage variety which has been popular for many years. The pods are slightly rougher than the more modern varieties and not as uniform but the taste is very highly regarded; excellent and sweet.

How to grow:
Start the seed off in 8 cm pots or deep modules in April undercover or plant them direct into the growing site in May.
Prepare the site by digging in or mulching with compost. Runner beans like a moist, rich soil. Plant the seeds 3 cm deep and allow 15 cm between.
Remember to harden off plants that have been grown undercover to acclimatise them to outside conditions. Pinch out the growing tips when the plants reach the top of their supports.
Harvest runner beans from July onwards when the beans are young and tender. Pick regularly to encourage production and before the beans inside swell and the pods become stringy.
Pests and diseases:
Runner beans are prone to slug damage when young so use an environmentally friendly slug killer if necessary.
Blackfly can be a problem. We sometimes wash them off with a hosepipe but prefer to leave them for the beneficial insects like ladybirds and their larvae.
How to cook:
Top and tail the beans and remove the seams of the pods on both long sides with a sharp knife, then cut into your preferred shape.